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Daniel Kurtzman

Marco Rubio's Watergate Moment: Funniest Memes and Tweets

By February 13, 2013

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Sen. Marco Rubio's awkward water break during the Republican response to the State of the Union has been gleefully immortalized on the Internet. Here are some of the funniest memes inspired by what has become known as "Watergate" and the "Gulp Heard 'Round the World":

Rubio Dos Equis Ad Parody: I Don't Always Drink Water

Rubio Thirsty For New Ideas

Rubio Water Break Awkward Moment

Rubio Lying Gives Me Wicked Cotton Mouth

Rubio Swallows

Rubio Chugs Bottle of Poland Spring Water

Rubio Quench Thirst Dos Equis

Rubio Ventriloquist Drinking Water With Dummy

Rubio the Sipping Point

Rubio's water break has also been immortalized in GIF form.

Rubio Water Break GIF

Even Rubio managed to poke a little fun at himself by Tweeting this photo after delivering his speech:

Marco Rubio Tweets Response to Watergate

Poland Spring belatedly seized on the PR opportunity by posting the following photo on its Facebook page, along with this message: "Reflecting on our cameo. What a night!"

Marco Rubio Tweets Response to Watergate

And here are some of the funniest Tweets about Watergate:

"Even Marco Rubio is playing Marco Rubio drinking games." @-bradplumer

"Marco Rubio, the man you want to have a desperate gulp of water with." -@PaulBegala

"Marco Rubio experiencing some climate change during his speech." -@lizzwinstead

"Now if Rubio could talk while the Koch brothers drank a glass of water, *that* would be big news." -@DailyKos

"Zero Dark Thirsty #RubioFilms" -@UnitedLiberal

"#RubioFilms A river runs through it" -@adept2U

"Like Water For Elephants. #RubioFilms" -@RL_Miller

"Waterworld #RubioFilms (Also a disaster.)" -@UrquhartMP

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