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Jon Stewart Eviscerates the 'Birther' Movement
Jon Stewart rips apart the "birthers" and their enablers in the media (we're looking at you, Lou Dobbs) who claim Obama is not an American citizen.

Governor Mark Sanford Affair
Mark Sanford holds a press conference to admit he's just another politician with a conservative mind and a liberal penis.

Oppression of House Republicans
The Daily Show mocks Republicans for comparing themselves to Iranian protesters.

Obama's Speech to Muslims

Jon Stewart Calls Fox News personalities "extremists" for their coverage of Obama's Cairo speech.

Dick (Uncut)
The Daily Show rips apart Dick Cheney for blaming 9/11 on Richard Clarke.

The Real World D.C.
Brian Williams turns the White House into an MTV reality show.

Sotomayor's Nomination
Jon Stewart weighs in on Republican attacks against Sotomayor

Cheney vs. Obama Duel
The Daily Show
dissects the Cheney vs. Obama duel.

Barack Obama Is Cliff Huxtable
Barack Obama and Cliff Huxtable are both married to hot lawyers and have unrealistically cute daughters.

Gay Marriage Is Bad for Small Business
Michael Steele believes gay marriage will be bad for small business.

Auto-Neurotic Gas Fixation
President Obama implements a national fuel efficiency standard, but it may endanger the lives of your family.

Even mid-scandal, John Oliver is proud of England's unwittingly public-funded moats.

Guantanamo Baywatch - The Final Season
If America can handle a brain-eating zombie in its prison system, it can take on Gitmo detainees.

Arizona State Snubs Obama Popular
The Daily Show goes to Arizona State to find out why they snubbed Obama by refusing to give him an honorary degree.

Wanda Sykes' Jokes Popular
The Daily Show weighs in on the controversy by mocking talking heads for defending torture while decrying Wanda Sykes

Republicans: The Lost Party
Leaders of the Republican Party recognize mistakes and eat local ethnic food in casual attire -- it's like they're just like us.

Jon Stewart Tears Apart Torture Defender Cliff May
Cliff May defends waterboarding techniques, and Jon Stewart gives him the Jim Cramer treatment.

Swine Flu Scare-Off
Swine flu claims 149 lives in Mexico so far -- ranking it last on the list of things that can kill you in Mexico.

Arlen Specter Switching Parties
Arlen Specter switches parties based on his "I would like to remain a senator" principle.

How to Judge a Guy in 100 Days
Principle plays no part in Arlen Specter's decision to switch parties, and the media observes Obama's first 100 days with mindless overkill.

Balzheimer's Disease Popular
Dick Cheney and Karl Rove suffer from an illness that gives them the balls to attack the Obama administration.

Bizarro Washington

John Oliver goes to the only place where Dick Cheney and Karl Rove's respect for transparency makes perfect sense.

We Don't Torture Popular
No one is upset about the fact that America tortures, they're just upset that they now know about it.

Nationwide Tax Protests
The tea party protests allow Fox News to become the voice of the people's revolution.

Tea Party Tyranny
John Oliver discovers that Americans don't know anything about tyranny at a tea party protest in Morristown, NJ.

Road to the Dog House: Bo Obama
Bo Obama becomes America's first openly gay White House dog.

Baracknophobia Popular
Jon Stewart looks at the latest wave of Baracknophobia, and says Republicans might be confusing tyranny with losing.

Jon Stewart-Jim Cramer Interview Popular
Jon Stewart tears apart CNBC's Jim Cramer during an appearance on The Daily Show, saying, "I understand that you want to make finance entertaining, but it's not a f***king game."

Jim Cramer Battle Popular
Jon declares that Jim Cramer is scheduled to appear on the show, where they will no doubt work out their long-range war of words.

Basic Cable Personality Clash Skirmish '09 Popular
After NBC steps up to defend Jim Cramer, Jon goes on an MTV Networks rehabilitation tour of his own.

Jon Stewart Eviscerates CNBC Popular
Jon Stewart blasts CNBC's credibility and mocks the news network for peddling faux-populist bilge.

The Daily Show Takes on Twitter
Old Man Jon Stewart shakes his fist at Twitter as Samantha Bee attempts to explain why so many people are tweeting.

CPAC After Party
Jon Stewart sounds off on the Conservative Political Action Conference, in which the GOP faithful derided veterans and called for the annihilation of an American city to save us from unpatriotic Democrats.

A Party in Limbaugh

Michael Steele falls into the liberal media trap by criticizing Rush Limbaugh.

Bill O'Reilly's Right to Privacy
Jon Stewart rips Bill O'Reilly on hypocrisy over privacy.

Why Are You Such a Dick? - Audio Tape
Dick Cheney lets everyone know that Barack Obama will be responsible if there's another terrorist attack.

Clusterf#@k to the Poor House - Economic Recovery Plan
Republicans debate the stimulus bill, forgetting that C-SPAN doesn't destroy old tapes when a new administration steps in.

Big 'Bama's House
Barack Obama brings hope that Republican and Democratic crooks can work together in a bipartisan criminal enterprise.

Daschle's Old Car
Tom Daschle's 1986 campaign ad shows him driving to work in his old car.

Dance Dance Inauguration Popular
Inauguration night is an odd and quintessentially American mix of historical significance and pop culture triviality.

Inauguration Day Unity
There are no words John Oliver can use to express the unity on Inauguration Day.

Changefest '09: Obama's Inauguration Popular
Dick Cheney might as well have been rolled out to the Star Wars "Imperial March" with a white cat on his lap.

Changefest '09: Obama's Speech
Jason Jones maintains Obama's inaugural address was a new message, and in no way like any of Bush's speeches.

Changefest '09: End of Frat Boy Culture
After eight years of frat boy culture, Samantha Bee puts a stop to juvenile humor.

Barack Concert
Barack Obama hops on the seven-hour express train from Philadelphia to DC so he can attend a concert.

You Don't Know Dick - Exit Interview
While we may not have agreed with some of the decisions Dick Cheney has made, we can all agree that we can't call them mistakes.

Final Message From the White House
White House Press Secretary Dana Perino delivers a final message from the Bush White House.

Moment of Zen - Credits for the Last Eight Years Popular
Jon recognizes some of the people without whom he couldn't have done the show.

MSNBC Replaces FOX News Popular
Since Fox News won't be the mouthpiece of this new administration, MSNBC steps up to fill the gap.

End Times Countdown - Bush Exit Interviews
Charlie Gibson asks George W. Bush about his presidential "uh-oh moments."

Arianna Huffington Interview
Arianna Huffington describes blogging as a first draft of history.

Sarah Palin's Greatest Hits
The Daily Show looks back at the phenomenon of the vice presidential candidate from Wasilla, Alaska.

Sarah Palin Is So Dumb
Now that it doesn't matter, Wyatt Cenac can tell you Sarah Palin thinks the alphabet has 22 letters.

World Reaction to Obama Victory
For one day it seemed as if the entire world had won the Super Bowl, as spontaneous demonstrations of joy filled the streets.

Obama Victory Coverage
For the news networks, election night is Christmas, Hanukkah, and your parents getting divorced all at once -- in other words -- toys.

Indecision 2008 Election Special
Watch Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert call the election for Barack Obama as part of their Indecision 2008 live coverage.

Barack Obama Interview Popular
Barack Obama discusses his white half, socialism, and Sean Hannity on The Daily Show.

Sarah Palin Goin' Rogue Popular
They found Sarah Palin in the wild, taught her everything, and set her loose, but they forgot one thing: she couldn't be contained.

McCain Says the 'S' Word
The McCain campaign won't stand for Barack Obama's socialist tax plan -- most of the time.

Real America vs. Fake America

Even if John McCain doesn't get elected, he'll still be president of the real America that matters.

Understanding Real America in Wasilla
After a few days in Wasilla, Jason Jones understands what real America is all about.

The Final Debate: Word War III Popular
The final debate isn't about the animosity between the candidates, but about you, the people who remind them to keep a never-ending supply of Purell on them.

Joe the Plumber's House
Like everyone else in the media, John Oliver is absolutely smitten with Joe the Plumber.

10,000 McCainiacs
John McCain has created a monster that's turned on him.

An Arab Family Man
Aasif Mandvi is sure that being an Arab and a decent family man are not mutually exclusive.

McCain's Brand New Stump Speech
John McCain unveils his fiery new stump speech, but we've heard it before.

VP's Troopers & Practical Jokes
Sarah Palin would love nothing more than to superficially answer all of our shouted questions, but she doesn't have time.

Paulson's Tortured Flip Flop
The enormity of this economic collapse is so huge that eight MSNBC pundits aren't enough.

Clusterf#@k to the Poor House
The news networks explain the financial crisis to children.

FOX News Panics
If you want to see real panic, don't go to Wall Street, head down to Fox News.

Michelle Obama Interview
Michelle Obama knows there are some people who will never vote for Barack Obama, but most Americans want a leader who will find solutions that make sense.

Word War II
Barack Obama poses for the cover of a 1960s soul album, while John McCain wanders the outer reaches of the stage.

Six Degrees of Desperation
Sarah Palin reads in the New York Times that Barack Obama is palling around with terrorists.

The Stupid Vote
John Oliver polls the stupid vote to see what issues are most important to them.

Vice Presidential Common Man-Off Popular
Sarah Palin and Joe Biden participate in an old-fashioned common man-off.

Debate Gaffes
John Oliver keeps score of the gaffes at the vice presidential debate.

McCain Returns to Washington
Jon Stewart explains how John McCain is the only man who can impulsively overreact to something 10 days old

Clusterf#@k to the Poor House
Jon Stewart compares President Bush's warnings about the economic meltdown to his warnings about Iraq.

Gov at First Sight Popular
Jon Stewart picks apart the Sean Hannity-Sarah Palin infomercial.

Sarah Palin Won't Blink Popular
Jon Stewart says that Sarah Palin doesn't need to know what the Bush Doctrine is -- she is the Bush Doctrine.

Candidates' Generic-Off
The solutions to the financial crisis are probably unpopular and undoubtedly confusing, so it's time for a good old-fashioned generic-off.

Drill Pickle

The heart of our democratic government is compromise and polling, so the Democrats blink and pass a bill allowing offshore drilling.

John McCain's Acceptance Speech Popular
Surely, the change John McCain wants to bring to Washington is different than the change George W. Bush wanted to bring.

John McCain: Reformed Maverick Popular
John McCain's bio film shows him through the wild years up to abandoning everything he's always stood for.

Sarah Palin Gender Card Popular
We should not even be talking about Sarah Palin because it's sexist.

John McCain: The Person He Is

Senator Fred Thompson reaffirms the new Republican mantra that the leaders of today are the f**k ups of yesterday.

Barack Obama: He Completes Us Popular
The earthly son of a goat herder and an anthropologist, one man seems ready enough-ish to lead.

Michelle Obama's Patriotism
Michelle Obama -- Barack Obama's beautiful, accomplished, angry, Communist wife -- has to prove she's a patriotic human.

Healing Clinton Supporters
John Oliver enlists the help of a child psychologist to heal the Hillary supporters who don't want Barack Obama to be our next president.

John Edwards Sex Scandal
John Edwards -- author of the famed claim that there are two Americas -- was apparently only faithful to his wife in one of them.

The Clintons Are Back
The Clintons have returned and vengeance will be theirs.

Olympic Controveries
The ad the Spanish basketball team posed for is truly offensive and isn't the kind of thing we would do in America.

Russian-Georgian Conflict

The Russia-Georgia conflict is a chance for our presidential nominees to get inside the commander-in-chief simulator and play a little make-believe.

Dick Move of Week: McCain Attacks
Jon Stewart rips John McCain for thanking the Hilton family for their support by taking a nationally televised dump on their daughter.

Robert Novak's Hit-and-Run
The only difference between Robert Novak's hit-and-run and his career is that this time someone stopped him.

Obama Quest - Bethlehem
Barack Obama makes a short visit to the manger in Bethlehem where he was born.

Obama Quest - The Holy Land
Barack Obama holds a press conference at the Temple of Hercules, while John McCain is on his own quest for attention in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania.

Obama Quest: Three Pointer
With one shot, Barack Obama dispels all rumors of his lack of foreign policy experience.

New Yorker Obama Cartoon
Barack Obama should in no way be upset about the cartoon that depicts him as a Muslim extremist, because you know who gets upset about cartoons? Muslim extremists.

The 25 Sexist Daily Show Moments Popular
A compilation of the 25 most panty-drenching and boner-bursting Daily Show bits ever to sizzle onto your TV screen.

Election Terror Attack = Republican Victory Popular

Jon Stewart shows how Republicans are calculating their winnings strategy for November.

EPA Email
The Bush administration gets the EPA to rewrite their policy on greenhouse gases by not opening the e-mail.

Baracknophobia: Obama's Own Campaign
The irrational fear of hope has gotten so bad it's infected Barack Obama's own campaign.

Finance Reform

It's not like Barack Obama ever raised his hand and said he was for public financing.

Baracknophobia Popular
Jon Stewart mocks the media for peddling insane Obama rumors and coins a new word: "Baracknophobia" -- the irrational fear of hope.

Gore Endorses Obama
Al Gore makes a bold move by endorsing Barack Obama weeks after he wrapped up the nomination.

There Will Be Flood
The media attempts to show the Midwest flood's magnitude by breaking out the human dipsticks.

McCain's C-Bomb Popular
Jon Stewart looks at John McCain's profane tirade at his wife.

Hillary Concedes

Aasif Mandvi, Samantha Bee and John Oliver provide their expert opinions on Hillary Clinton's concession speech.

Obama's Victory
The Daily Show covers Obama's victory, noting that he has the chance to become the first African-American president since Season 1 of 24

Scott McClellan Interview
Scott McClellan explains the Bush administration was not intentionally deceptive in making their case for going to war in Iraq.

McClellan's Audio Book
The B-52s' Fred Schneider jazzes up Scott McClellan's audio book by singing some passages.

MI FL Hunters
The DNC's Rules and Bylaws Committee meeting wasn't just about procedural arguments and redefining words, it was about the disenfranchised voter.

McCain's Medical Records
John McCain releases his medical records, and despite his kidney stones, arthritis and chin herpes, he's fit as a fiddle.

War on the Clintons
There is a vast right and left-wing conspiracy against Hillary Clinton.

Awesome Bush
President Bush believes the men and women in uniform are an awesome bunch of people.

Jenna Bush's Wedding
John Oliver explains that sometimes a wedding is just a wedding, not a commentary on politics and how the White House has handled the war.

John McCain Interview Popular

John McCain matches wits with Jon Stewart and jokes about naming Dwight Schrute from "The Office" as his running mate.

Indiana Primary Sniping
The lack of Democratic primary results from Indiana leaves the cable news pundits testy while CNN's John King is enthralled by his touch screen.

Rustbelt F@#kfest

The R. Kelly impersonator returns to contextualize dirty talk in the Kwame Kilpatrick sex scandal.

Panderer's Box
Barack shoots some hoops while Hillary adopts an accent and a pickup truck for their speaking tours.

McCain's Sweet Talk Express
One adorable presidential candidate stands out for having all the right answers, even when he doesn't.

Festival of Wrights
Jon Stewart pulls up a tub of ice cream as the media's feeding frenzy on the Reverend Jeremiah Wright continues.

Pennsylvania Primary Results

The inconclusive primary results devastated the media, whose depression gave way to increasingly violent thoughts.

Clinton's Primary Message

Senator Clinton would already have the nomination locked up if only the Democratic nominating process were conducted hypothetically.

Let's Get Ready to Stumble
Jon Stewart is not prepared to call Hillary Clinton "Hill-Rod," smell what Obama's cooking, nor fend off the McCainiacs.

The Less You Know: Message For Multipliers
Jon Stewart comes down hard on the Pentagon's manipulative propaganda racket revealed by The New York Times.

Barack Obama Interview Popular
Barack Obama assures Jon Stewart that he does not plan to enslave the white race.

Philadelphia Democratic Debate
Elevating out-of-context remarks and trivial miscues into subjects of national discourse is Jon Stewart's job, not a moderator's.

Pope in America
The media's treatment of Pope Benedict's visit to the States has all the grandeur of its golf coverage.

Barack Obama's claims about western Pennsylvania, God and guns puts Hillary Clinton and FOX News into overdrive.

FOX News Documentary Popular
The Daily Show administers a stunning smackdown of FOX News in a special documentary by Jon Oliver.

Lewis Black on Celebrity Endorsements

Lewis Black finds out that Oprah is just as excited about Obama as the cast of Desperate Housewives.

Dick Move of the Week
As the campaigns move on, Obama's shows there is a fine line between an aggressive move and a dick move.

Got MLK?
Which of the three candidates exploited MLK's assassination the best?

Bush: Still President

President Bush visits former Soviet states in order to recruit troops for Afghanistan and encounters a chess-ready fighting force.

Monsters of Nostalgia Tour
Jon Stewart flips through channels wondering who's covering John McCain's bus tour down memory lane.

Dropping Hillary

Jon Stewart consults his calendar of the month calendar to determine when Hillary Clinton should bow out of the presidential race.

Barack's Bowling For Votes Popular

Jon imagines a scenario in which Obama's poor bowling skills could affect national security.

Iraq: The First 5 Years
Jon Stewart looks back in time to see the Bush Administration's benchmarks for success after the start of the Iraq War.

Barack's Wright Response
The Daily Show covers Barack Obama's speech on race

The Guvs Must Be Horny
Jon Stewart reveals a new segment that uncovers the sexual deviancy of each state's governor preemptively.

Broken Arrow
Bush's Presidency is actually worse than Jon remembers it to be.

You're Not Helping
Geraldine Ferraro tries to get her Obama remarks off the news - by going to all the major news networks.

Dear Madame President
Kristen Schaal prepares a video time capsule for the future first female President and shows an archive of her family's past bad picks.

Democralypse Now -- Ferraro
Stephen explains how the Democratic Party is self-destructing like...the Democratic Party.

Tainted Gov
Eliot Spitzer has one last weekend to throw the biggest orgy Albany has ever seen.

Inside Albany
John Oliver pinpoints Eliot Spitzer's Achilles heel and gives the final take on the governor's legacy.

Mississippi Primary
Jon Stewart uses a koala bear, stock car racing and a touch screen to needle CNN's worthless commentary.

Gubernatorial Malfeasance
Jon Stewart grabs his bib to join in on the media's feast of the Eliot Spitzer prostitution scandal.

Lewis Black on Spitzer
Lewis Black rails against cable news' coverage of the Eliot Spitzer scandal and refuses to pay for the minibar with high-priced call girls.

Shame Parade
Sam Bee demonstrates the correct technique on pimping out your spouse for an act of public contrition.

Spitzer and Wyoming Caucus
Jon promises to cover the Eliot Spitzer scandal tomorrow as the graphics worked all weekend on Wyoming caucus.

Terms of Endorsement
John McCain doesn't receive an explicit endorsement from President Bush. On the plus side, he didn't receive an explicit endorsement.

Huckabee's Long Goodbye
Jon Stewart recaps the results of the Texas and Ohio primaries while Mike Huckabee goes the distance in his concession speech.

Daily Show Election Center
Jon rolls out The Daily Show's shiny new Election Zone 'quarters with all the correspondents' hi-tech toys.

Hillary's Comeback
Jon Stewart straddles the new News Center while Sam Bee highlights Hillary Clinton's commercial appeals to men.

Ralph Nader Interview
Jon Stewart can't tell if the presidential candidate and consumer advocate is mad at the American political system or him.

Hillary Clinton Interview
Hillary Clinton appeared on The Daily Show Show,trading quips with Jon Stewart on the eve of the Texas and Ohio primaries.

Last Tango in Cleveland
Jon Stewart finds a way to tell the difference between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama from each other after their debate in Ohio.

Anti-Hillary Conspiracy
Sam Bee reports from the Anti-Hillary War Room about the media conspiracy's timing to bring the senator down.

Democratic Pot Shots
Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama take turns using hyperbole during the home stretch of the Democratic nomination

Return of the Writers
Now that the writers are back from the strike, it's like Christmas morning for Jon -- so they tell him.

Potomac Primaries
Jon contrasts the media treatment of Huckabee and Clinton after a series of primary losses.

Colbert & Conan Cameo Popular
The Conan/Stewart/Colbert feud reaches new heights as Stephen and Conan appear on The Daily Show and commence with the asskicking.

Edwards and Giuliani Drop Out
John "The Cindy Brady of SC" Edwards and Rudy "John Q. 9/11" Giuliani drop out of the presidential race.

State of the Union
A weird, oddly subdued, utterly insincere State of the Union brought an inverted scowl to Cheney's face.

Democratic Response
Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius delivered a flat and boring response to Bush's State of the Union.

Obama Wins South Carolina
President Bill Clinton suggests that once South Carolina went black it could never go back.

You Don't Know Dick - Emails
Dick Cheney hides his own e-mails, while finding out about Jon's copy of the Koran he ordered on Amazon.com.

Mitt Romney Erupts
Mitt Romney erupts all over a journalist at a Staples and Bill Clinton challenges the media on race.

Fred Thompson Drops Out
On screen Fred Thompson pops with charisma, but in person he lacks a certain everything.

South Carolina Debate
Jon watches the CNN Democratic debate from within his own patented Presidential Debate Rave House and Swingatorium.

Gloves Off
The pundits continue their year-long announcement of Obama's and Hillary's escalating war of words.

Bush's Bucket List
Bush visits Saudi Arabia and is welcomed with a sarcastic rendition of the Star Spangled Banner.

Bush's Future Tense
President Bush addresses the troops while visiting the Middle East and predicts the end of history.

Chris Matthews Is Insane
Jon Stewart mocks a metaphorically challenged Chris Matthews.

Hillary's Emotional Meltdown
Reacting to press coverage of Hillary's "emotional meltdown," Jon Stewart says "That it?"

New Hampshire Punditry
After listening to pundits who blew the New Hampshire primary call, Jon Stewart wonders what he's going to do with his expensive Barack Obama graphic.

Celeb Endorsements
McCain sees Huckabee's Chuck Norris and raises him Wilford Brimley.

Introducing A Daily Show
In light of the WGA writers' strike, Jon Stewart announces a different kind of show.

Iowa Caucus Recap
Jon uses the Camera Three time machine to show how he called Obama and Huckabee's Iowa wins in November.

Writers' Strike Math

Jon breaks down the economics of Internet residuals and the gravity of the situation based on a WGA ad.

MSNBC Democratic Debate
Everyone who's not Barack Obama took turns at attacking Hillary Clinton.

Halloween Costumes
For once Jon agreed with Fox & Friends, but they soon took a turn to crazy-town.

Wives Debate
Maria Shriver assembles a View rip-off of presidential candidates' wives and wonders why they're relevant.

Geraldo Rivera taunts the California wildfires to jump on his moustache so he can bury them at sea.

Larry Craig's Matt Lauer Interview
Larry Craig sat down with Matt Lauer in what had to be this ongoing story's second most awkward sit-down.

Now You Tell Us
Gen. Sanchez Gen. Rick Sanchez pulls an about face on the Iraq War as soon as he's retired.

Fighting Rough

Hillary Clinton goes on "The View" while Barack Obama goes on the offensive.

Colbert's Big Announcement Popular
Stephen announces his bid to run for President ... in South Carolina.

Gore and Peace
Al Gore wins the Nobel Prize and brings out the regular trolls.

Tony Show Interview
Former White House Press Secretary Tony Snow matches wits with Jon Stewart.

ClusterF@#k to the White House - Thompson

Fred Thompson makes a not-so-hot debut at the Republican debates and leaves a joke opening for Mitt Romney.

Lynne Cheney Interview
Lynne Cheney tries to assure Jon Stewart that Dick Cheney is just a regular guy.

Loud and Clear Popular

When President Bush gives a speech, he acts like he's reading the stage directions.

Back in Black: Limbaugh
Senators wrote a letter to complain about Rush Limbaugh -- that's Lewis Black's uncle Shmooly's job.

Cruel Intentions
It's time to play a round of Jon's favorite torture game: "Cruel, Inhuman, Degrading, or O-Tay."

Tortured Logic
John Oliver remembers all the words that have lost their meaning in the War on Terror, like "Progress" and "Victory."

Daily Show: Chris Matthews Interview Popular
Jon Stewart gives Chris Matthews the worst interview of his life.

Daily Show: Private Benjamins
Blackwater is subject to neither Iraqi nor US law, which can create oversight issues killing-wise.

Is That Really Necessary?
Jon Stewart offers some advice for John McCain on his attempt to appeal to the Christian Right, including a play from the master.

One State, Two State, Red State, Blue State Popular
John Oliver explores both sides of bipartisan children book publishing.

Missing Republicans
Mayor 9/11 and other top GOP candidates skip out on evangelical and black voter debates.

Jack Cafferty Interview
CNN commentator Jack Cafferty talks about how men in suits forced him to apologize for calling Donald Rumsfeld a war criminal.

You Don't Knock Dick - Utah
Dick Cheney attends a secret meeting in Utah with the Council for National Policy.

Childrens Do Learn
President Bush makes a statement that Jon Stewart couldn't be made funnier even if he took it out of context.

Hillary's Laugh Track
Hillary Clinton manages to emit creepy delayed laughter on all five morning shows.

President's Day
Iran's passive-aggressive attacks were countered by President Bush's Jewish mother routine. Sue him for loving!

Have Gun Will Grovel
Rudy Giuliani speaks to the tragedy of 9/11 Tourette's Syndrome as he addresses the NRA.

Ahmadine Minute
Ahmadinejad claims there are no homosexuals in Iran -- just like there no gay conservatives in the U.S.

The World According to AARP
In the recent Democratic debate, Sen. Hillary Clinton took on the AARP's powerful ally, Big Pastry.

Bill Clinton Interview Popular
As the potential first first husband, Clinton discusses his love of politics, his love of giving, the importance of napping, and the candidate he's backing in this race (hint: it's not Kucinich).

Ready for a Woman President?
Samantha Bee asks if we're ready for a woman president in an amusing spoof of "Sex and the City."

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