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Florida Recount Cartoons & Funny Pics

Political Cartoons, Doctored Photos and Parodies
View a collection of political cartoons, doctored photos, and parodies poking fun at George W. Bush, Al Gore, and the 2000 Florida recount.  

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Electile Dysfunction
Palm Beach Butterly Ballot Parody
George W. Bush Mastercard Parody
Al Gore Mastercard Parody Ad
Cheaties: The Breakfast of Chumpians
New Democratic Party Seal
Sore-Loserman 2000
Time Magazine Makes Its Election Call
Beavis and Bushhead
Florida Ballot Inspection
How the Gorinch Almost Stole Florida
Cruella DeVil
Amazon.com Ballot Parody
"What, Me Worry?"
Presidential Survivor
Why Not Just Split the Difference?
Angry Citizen Mob

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