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Government Jokes
Jokes, Cartoons and Government Humor
Browse a comprehensive guide to government humor, featuring government jokes, cartoons, videos, pictures, satire, news, and other government humor.

Government Humor Today | Government Jokes | Government Pictures | Government Cartoons | Government Videos | Government Quizzes | Government Quotes

Government Humor Today

Government News
Government Cartoons
Government Jokes
Government Videos
Government Satire
Government Commentary
Government Quotes
Government Top 10 Lists
Government Games
Funny Government Sites

Government Jokes

Government Jokes: Main Index
Late-Night Government Jokes
Late-Night Government Joke Archive
Email Jokes & Funny Forwards

Government Pictures

Government Pictures: Main Index
Funny Bush Pictures
Funny Kerry Pictures
Funny Saddam Pictures
Funny Osama Pictures
Funny Arnold Pictures
Funny Clinton Pictures
2004 Year in Pictures
More Funny Pictures

Government Cartoons

Government Cartoons: Main Index
Today's Government Cartoons
Government Editorial Cartoons
Government Comics

Government Videos

Government Videos: Main Index
Classic Government Videos
Bush Videos
2004 Election Videos
Saddam/Iraq War Videos
Osama bin Laden Videos
'Daily Show' Videos

Government Quizzes

Government Quiz Index
Bush Loyalty Quiz
Bushisms Quiz
Bush Trivia Quiz
Bush vs. Bush Quiz
Kerry Loyalty Quiz
Clinton Scandals Quiz
2004 Political Quiz

Government Quotes

George W. Bushisms
Bill Clinton Quotes
Donald Rumsfeld Quotes
Arnold Schwarzenegger Quotes
John Kerry Quotes
George H.W. Bushisms
Dan Quayle Quotes
Ronald Reagan Quotes
Dan Ratherisms
Baghdad Bob Quotes

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