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Late-Night Joke Archive
Late-Night Political Jokes - Searchable by Topic

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A-Z Joke Index

Abramoff, Jack
Airport Security
Alito, Samuel
Allen, George
Beck, Glenn
Biden, Joe
Bird Flu

Blagojevich, Rod
Blair, Tony
BP Oil Spill
Brokeback Mountain
Bush, George - Farewell
Bush, George - 2007
Bush, George - 2006
Bush, George - 2005
Bush, George - 2004
Bush, George - SOTU
Bush, George - Inauguration
Bush, George - Pretzel
Bush, George - 1st 100 Days
Bush, George - Transition
Bush, Jeb
Bush, Laura
Bush Twins
Bin Laden, Osama
California Recall Election
Castro, Fidel
Catholic Church Scandal
Cheney, Dick
Cheney's Shooting Accident
Clinton, Bill - Post-Presidency

Clinton, Bill - Exit Scandals
Clinton, Bill - Memoirs
Clinton, Hillary
Condit, Gary
Corporate Scandals
Craig, Larry
Crazy Astronaut
DC Madam Scandal
Dean, Howard
Dean, Howard - Scream
DeLay, Tom
Edwards, John
Election 2008
Election 2006
Election 2004 - Debates
Election 2004 - RNC

Election 2004 - DNC
Election 2004 - Primaries
Election 2002
Election 2000 - Recount
Election 2000
Enron Scandal
Foley, Mark
Fox News

Gas Prices
Gay Marriage
Gibson, Mel
Giuliani, Rudy
Global Warming
Gonzales, Alberto
Gore, Al
Harris, Katherine

Health Care
Homeland Security
Huckabee, Mike
Hurricane Katrina
Hussein, Saddam
Hussein, Saddam - Capture
Iraq - Prison Scandal
Iraq - Election
Iraq - WMDs
Iraq - Post-War
Iraq War
Jackson, Janet
Jackson, Jesse
Jackson, Michael
Kennedy, Ted
Kerry, John
Kucinich, Dennis
Lewinsky, Monica
Libby, Scooter
Lieberman, Joe
Limbaugh, Rush
Lindh, John Walker
McCain, John
Middle East
Miers, Harriet
Muhammad Cartoons
Nader, Ralph
News Media
North Korea
Obama, Barack
Obama, Barack - Inauguration
O'Reilly, Bill
Palin, Sarah
Palin, Sarah - Book
Palin, Sarah - Resignation
Palin, Bristol
Pelosi, Nancy
Pope John Paul
Pop Benedict
Rice, Condoleezza
Roberts, John
Romney, Mitt
Rove, Karl
Rumsfeld, Donald
9/11 Intel Failures
Sanford, Mark
Sex Jokes
Sharpton, Al
Social Security
Spitzer, Eliot
Supreme Court
Schwarzenegger - Current
Schwarzenegger - Campaign
Steroids in Baseball
Stewart, Martha

Tea Party
Thompson, Fred
Underwear Bomber
War on Terrorism
Woods, Tiger
White House Party Crashers
Wilson, Joe

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