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Bill Clinton Jokes

Classic Bill Clinton jokes, political cartoons, parodies, and other humor about America's favorite commander in briefs.
  1. Hillary Clinton Jokes
  2. Political Jokes
  3. Bill Clinton Cartoons (19)
  4. Bill Clinton Parody (10)
  5. Bill Clinton Top 10 Lists (15)
  6. Bill Clinton's Book (4)
  7. Monica Lewinksy Scandal (8)

Bill Clinton Humor Roundup
A roundup of jokes, cartoons, and other humor poking fun at former President Bill Clinton.

Funny Bill Clinton Pictures
View a collection of cartoons, fake photos, parodies, and other funny pictures poking fun at Bill Clinton.

Bill Clinton Cartoons
View a gallery of Bill Clinton cartoons, featuring recent and classic political cartoons about President Bill Clinton.

Bill Clinton Does Stand-Up Comedy
Bill Clinton pokes fun at Obama, FOX, and "Dancing With the Stars" at the annual Gridiron Club Dinner.

Classic Clinton Joke Emails
Read a collection of classic Bill Clinton jokes, including "Clinton on the Titanic," "Clinton Goes to Hell," "Lewinsky Limericks," "Bill Clinton and the Genie," "Clinton and the Pope," and other hilarious Clinton jokes.

Funny Bill Clinton Quotes
Read funny quotes by President Bill Clinton.

Bill Clinton Late-Night Jokes
Read late-night jokes about Bill Clinton from 2000-2004.

Funny Bill Clinton Pictures and Cartoons
View a titillating slide show featuring funny pictures and political cartoons chronicling the Clinton years.

Bill Clinton's 'Final Days' Farewell Video
Watch President Clinton's classic "Final Days" spoof video, in which a film crew documented how he spent his final days in office.

The Clinton Scandals Quiz
Come take a stroll down memory lane and relive the Clinton years in all their unseemly glory. Take our farewell quiz and test your knowledge of Clinton lore, the sex scandals and other stains on his legacy.

Funny Quotes from the Clinton Years
Late-night Clinton jokes, funny one-liners, and memorable quips about Bill Clinton and his presidency.

Bill Clinton on The Daily Show
As the potential first first husband, Clinton discusses his love of politics, his love of giving, the importance of napping, and the candidate he's backing in this race (hint: it's not Kucinich).

Bill Clinton Book Jokes
Late-night jokes and funny one-liners about Bill Clinton's memoirs and book tour.

Best Bill Clinton Jokes
Late-night jokes lampooning ex-President and would-be First Gentleman Bill Clinton.

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