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Current Events, Hot Political Issues and Scandals

Find funny jokes, cartoons, satire and other humor about current political events, political scandals, and hot-button political issues.
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Best Weiner Headlines
A roundup of the funniest headlines about ex-Congressman Weiner's sexting scandal: "Weiner Pulls Out," "Weiner Finally Yanks Himself," "Weiner's Rise and Fall," "Mounting Pressure on Weiner," and more.

Anthony Weiner Jokes
A roundup of late-night jokes about Rep. Anthony Weiner's Twitter photo scandal.

Gay Marriage Jokes
Late-night jokes about the controversy over gay marriage.

Gay Marriage Humor Extravaganza
The best humor about the gay marriage controversy, including "The Colbert Coalition's Anti-Gay Marriage Ad" and "Prop 8: The Musical."

Funny Marijuana Memes
A collection of funny memes, cartoons, and quotes about marijuana and the debate over its legalization.

Marijuana Jokes
Funny jokes smoking marijuana and the controversy over marijuana legalization.

Gun Jokes
A collection of late-night jokes about gun control, the NRA, and the Second Amendment.

Sex Scandal Hall of Shame
View a series of political cartoons and funny pictures poking fun at political figures and celebrities who have been caught with their pants down.

Political Sex Scandal Cartoons
A collection of political cartoons on political sex scandals and politicians caught with their pants down.

Sex Jokes
Read a collection of classic late-night jokes about sex and politics.

Famous Sex Quotes
Read the 10 most famous political sex quotes, including classic sound bites by Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter, and both Presidents Bush.

Awkward Public Displays of Affection
Funny photos of politicians kissing, hugging, groping, and more.

Secret Service Jokes
A collection of the best jokes about the Secret Service sex scandal involving prostitutes in Colombia.

NSA Jokes
The funniest jokes about the NSA spying and data mining scandal.

TSA Jokes
A roundup of jokes, cartoons, and funny bumper stickers about TSA pat-downs, junk-groping, and full body scans.

John Edwards Sex Scandal
A roundup of jokes, cartoons, and other humor poking fun at John Edwards following his admission of an extramarital affair.

Scandalous Schwarzenegger Pictures
View scandalous pictures from Arnold Schwarzenegger's past.

Catholic Church Scandal Cartoons
View a series of political cartoons about the Catholic Church abuse scandal involving pedophile priests.

George Zimmerman Jokes
The best late-night jokes about the George Zimmerman trial.

Royal Baby Jokes
The best jokes about the birth of the royal baby in England, George Alexander Louis.

2012 Olympics Jokes
A roundup of late-night jokes about the 2012 Olympics in London.

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