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Famous Leaders, Evildoers and Idiots

Find jokes, cartoons and other humor about famous leaders, evildoers, media blowhards, celebrities, and other famous idiots.
  1. Stupid Quotes
  2. Teabaggers
  3. Democrats
  4. Celebrities (87)
  5. Congress (102)
  6. Republicans
  7. Evildoers (5)
  8. Corporate Criminals (3)
  9. Comedians (84)
  10. Media Blowhards (169)
  11. Independents / 3rd Party (15)
  12. Supreme Court (46)
  13. World Leaders (67)

Ridiculous Tea Party Signs
A children's treasury of the most outrageous, offensive, and idiotic Tea Party protest signs of all time.

Misspelled Protest Signs
View a series of funny misspelled political protest signs.

Joe Bidenisms
Read a compilation of dumb quotes and gaffes by Vice President Joe Biden.

Right-Wing Nutjob Quote-O-Matic
Generate random stupid quotes by crazy right-wing nutjobs.

Left-Wing Moonbat Quote-O-Matic
Generate random stupid quotes by loony liberal moonbats.

Ridiculous Tea Party Quotes
The dumbest things ever said by Tea Partiers.

Top 10 Craziest Glenn Beck Quotes
The most ridiculous rants, paranoid delusions, and insane utterances ever to come out of the mouth of Glenn Beck.

Glenn Beck Conspiracy Theory Generator
Wondering what crazy conspiracy theories Glenn Beck will dream up next? Check out the Glenn Beck Conspiracy Theory Generator, delivering fair and balanced paranoia on demand.

Top 50 Bushisms of All Time
A compendium of idiotic and maniacal utterances by President Bush from 2000-2008.

Bush Gaffe-O-Matic Quote Generator
A collection of the stupidest things George W. Bush ever said.

Rod Blagojevich Jokes
Read late-night jokes about Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich and his corruption scandal.

Stupid Pat Robertson Quotes
Read a list of the top 10 all-time stupidest Pat Robertson quotes.

Stupid Bill O'Reilly Quotes
Read 10 mind-numbingly stupid quotes by Fox News Channel's Bill O'Reilly.

Famous Sex Quotes
Read the 10 most famous political sex quotes, including classic sound bites by Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter, and both Presidents Bush.

Bill O'Reilly Wants You To Shut Up
Fox News Channel host Bill O'Reilly says "shut up" the way other people say "um." Watch this amusing video presented by MoveOn.org and read these sound bites compiled by Slate.

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