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George W. Bush Jokes and Humor

Jokes, cartoons, satire, parodies, and other humor poking fun at President Bush.
  1. Bush Cartoons (82)
  2. Bush Videos (104)
  3. Bush Jokes (59)
  4. Bush Quotes (77)
  5. Bush Satire and Parodies (29)
  6. Bush Games (36)
  7. Bush Scandals (210)
  8. Bush Gag Gifts (22)
  9. Bush Multimedia (17)
  10. Bush Administration (32)
  11. Bush Twins (69)
  12. Bush Family (33)

Funny George W. Bush Pictures
View a photo gallery featuring popular cartoons, parodies, and doctored photos poking fun at President Bush.

Funniest Bush Pictures of All Time
View a series of the funniest George Bush pictures, including the best parodies, captioned photos, and cartoon pictures.

Read a hand-picked, frequently updated collection of the best Bush verbal gaffes and blunders.

The 50 Dumbest Bush Quotes of All Time
Read the ultimate compendium of Bushisms, featuring the 50 most idiotic, strange, and maniacal things George W. Bush ever said.

Top 25 Bush Comedy Videos
Watch the best spoof videos mocking President Bush, including classic videos by Stephen Colbert, Will Ferrell, The Daily Show, David Letterman, and more.

Bush's 25 Most Embarrassing Moments
The definitive rundown of President George W. Bush's most memorable gaffes, bloopers, flubs, and brain lapses.

George Bush Political Cartoons
View a cartoon gallery featuring the latest editorial cartoons about President George Bush and the Bush administration.

Late-Night Bush Jokes
Read late-night jokes bidding farewell to Bush, as well as Bush jokes from 2007, 2006, 2005 and 2004.

Bush Gaffe-O-Matic Quote Generator
The Bush Quote Generator randomly selects the stupidest things George W. Bush has ever said.

The 25 Dumbest Quotes from the Bush Years
Read a compilation of the 25 most mind-numbingly stupid quotes by President Bush and his cronies.

George W. Bush Loyalty Quiz
Are you a true believer in George W. Bush, or do you think he has been a miserable failure? Take this quiz and we'll gauge your level of support for the 43rd president.

Bush Joke Archive
Read a regularly updated collection of email jokes, funny forwards, and late-night jokes poking fun at President Bush.

Bush Shoe-Throwing Jokes
Late-night jokes and other humor about the Bush shoe-throwing debacle.

Bush's Greatest Comedy Hits
Read accounts and watch videos clips of all of President Bush's humorous speeches delivered at the annual White House Correspondents' dinners and other press dinners.

Funny Bush Videos: Complete Archive
View funny video clips featuring President Bush, including popular spoof videos, animated cartoons, and videos of classic Bushisms.

The Bushisms Quiz
Test your Bushspeak IQ with this quiz on President Bush's hilarious malapropisms, verbal gaffes, and scrambled syntax.

Bushisms Audio Gallery
Listen to audio clips of President Bush's dumbest quotes and verbal gaffes.

Top 10 Bushisms of All Time
Check out our list of the most inane statements President Bush has ever made.

Funny Pictures of the Bush Twins
View a collection of funny pictures featuring the Bush twins, Jenna Bush and Barbara Bush.

Bush Trivia Quiz
What was that mysterious bulge on Bush's back during the presidential debates? Did Bush really wave at Stevie Wonder? Test your knowledge of Bush's feats and foibles with this funny quiz.

Top Bush Gag Gifts and Novelties
Find popular Bush gag gifts and novelties, including the Bush Countdown Calendar, Bush Toilet Paper, Bush Voodoo Doll, and more funny gifts.

Top 10 Bushisms of 2007
Read a compilation of the 10 dumbest Bush quotes from 2007.

Bush's Comedic Farewell
President Bush poked fun at his would-be successors during his final appearance at the White House Correspondents' Dinner. He also fulfilled his dream of conducting the U.S. Marine Band.

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