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Ronald Reagan Humor

The wit of President Ronald Reagan and humor inspired by Reagan.
  1. George W. Bush Humor
  2. Republican Jokes

Funny Ronald Reagan Pictures
View a gallery of funny pictures of President Ronald Reagan.

Funny Ronald Reagan Quotes
Read funny quotes and witty jokes by former President Ronald Reagan.

Ronald Reagan Cartoons
View a collection of editorial cartoons paying tribute to Ronald Reagan, compiled by the Professional Cartoonists Index.

The Reagan Miniseries Controversy
CBS's decision to cancel its controversial Ronald Reagan miniseries following a conservative outcry spawned a wave of jokes, cartoons, and satire ridiculing the television network.

Reagan: Grace Under the Scalpel
'Please tell me you're all Republicans,' said the president to the surgeons. Or did he? Get the full story from About.com's Urban Legends and Folklore Guide David Emery.

'We Begin Bombing in Five Minutes'
During a microphone check before a 1984 radio address, Ronald Reagan famously joked, "My fellow Americans, I'm pleased to tell you today that I've signed legislation that will outlaw Russia forever. We begin bombing in five minutes." Listen to the audio.

Ronald Reagan Debate Joke
Watch a classic video clip from Ronald Reagan's debate with Walter Mondale.

Ronald Reagan Memorial Parody
White House.org presents a tribute to Ronald Reagan.

Ronald Reagan Health Posters
Ronald Reagan offers his patriotic secrets for how to live a long, wholesome, and all-American life.

Ronald Reagan's Letters
An inspiring glimpse inside the Gipper's genius, courtesy of White House.org.

Dutch the Magic Reagan
Listen to a classic Capitol Steps song parody about the Gipper to the tune of "Puff the Magic Dragon."

SNL: Phil Hartman as Ronald Reagan
Listen to a classic Saturday Night Live parody featuring Phil Hartman as President Ronald Reagan.

Celebrity Jeoparody Starring Reagan, Bush and Clinton
Listen to former Presidents Reagan, Bush and Clinton square off on Celebrity Jeoparody.

Ronald Reagan's Movie Outtakes
An amusing collection of outtakes from Ronald Reagan's films, featuring a bit of salty language from the actor-turned-president. From Capitol Hill Blue's video arhives.

Ronald Reagan Talking Action Figure
A talking action figure doll featuring 11 classic Ronald Reagan quotes.

Funnyman Ronald Reagan
"Perhaps more than any other president, Ronald Reagan understood the importance of humor in advancing his agenda, taking on opponents and connecting with the American people," writes humorist Doug Gamble in National Review.

Ronald Reagan's Biography: An Alternative View
A critical look at the feats and foibles of Ronald Reagan's presidency, presented by Rotten.com.

The Reagan Wit : The Humor of the American President
Book featuring hundreds of humorous quotations, both famous and unfamiliar, from every phase of Reagan's life.

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