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Sarah Palin Humor Roundup

Palin Jokes, Cartoons and Funny Videos


A roundup of the best humor about ex-Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, including late-night jokes, political cartoons, spoof videos, funny gaffes, and other humor.

Funny Sarah Palin Pictures

View a series of funny pictures, fake photos, and parodies poking fun at Sarah Palin.

Best Sarah Palin Cartoons

View a gallery of political cartoons about Sarah Palin's latest antics, as well as memorable cartoons from the 2008 campaign, her resignation as governor, her flirtation with a 2012 presidential run, and more.

Craziest Sarah Palin Quotes Ever

Read a compilation of idiotic misstatements, funny gaffes, and other refudiations by Sarah Palin.

Best Sarah Palin Jokes

Read the latest Sarah Palin jokes by the late-night comedians, as well as the best Sarah Palin jokes of all time.

'Saturday Night Live' Spoofs Sarah Palin

Complete videos and highlights of "Saturday Night Live's" Sarah Palin skits, including Tina Fey's impersonations of Palin and Palin's guest appearance on SNL.

Funny Sarah Palin Videos

View funny videos featuring Sarah Palin, including spoof videos, late-night TV mockery, and hilarious gaffes from Palin's various interviews.

The 25 Most Devastating Quotes About Sarah Palin

Read a compilation of the most devastatingly funny and damning quotes about Sarah Palin, including memorable late-night jokes, SNL lines, and withering conservative attacks.

Sarah Palin Reads Crib Notes Off Her Hand

At last weekend’s Tea Party Convention, Sarah Palin was back in 10th grade biology class, reading crib notes off her hand to help her answer pre-screened questions. As one commenter noted, on a positive note, at least it demonstrates she can read.

Sarah Palin's Turkey Pardon Fiasco

After pardoning a Turkey for Thanksgiving, Sarah Palin gives an interview while turkeys are being slaughtered behind her. Watch the video and get full details about the unfortunate incident.

Letterman-Palin Joke Feud

Highlights from the controversy surrounding David Letterman's joke about Sarah Palin's daughter, including Letterman's apology to Palin and jokes about the "Fire David Letterman" protest.

Sarah Palin Falls for Prank Call

A Canadian comedy duo prank called Sarah Palin and convinced her she was talking to French President Nicolas Sarkozy. Check out the audio and transcript.

"Hot" Sarah Palin Photos

Ever since John McCain tapped Sarah Palin to be his running mate, the Internet has been abuzz with searches for "Sarah Palin hot photos," "sexy Sarah Palin pics," "Palin bikini photos," not to mention "Sarah Palin naked."
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