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Political Satire & Political Parodies

Political satire, political parodies, and news spoofs from the Web's best political satire sources.
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Political Gift Guide

Looking for political gift ideas? Browse through our political gift guide featuring recommended books, DVD's, CD's, and gag gifts for political junkies and humor enthusiasts.

Today's Political Satire and News Parodies

Read the latest political satire and news parodies from around the Web -- updated daily.

Political Satire Cartoons & Funny Picture Parodies

Browse through our hilarious collection of political satire cartoons and parody pictures poking fun at at Democrats, Republicans, the media, and assorted evildoers.

Today's Political Satire Videos

Check out the latest political satire videos, animated cartoons, song parodies, and other funny political multimedia -- updated daily.

Political Satire Video Archive

Searching for a video clip? Browse through our expansive video archive, featuring popular political satire videos organized by topic.

Breaking News Satire from SatireSearch

Read the latest satirical news healdines from the Internet's major satire sources via a regularly updated newsfeed. Brought to you by the pioneering Web site SatireSearch.

Funny Bush Videos & Animations

View a collection of satire videos and animations mocking President Bush, including "Bush and Blair's Endless Love," "Bush's One-Fingered Victory Salute," "Black Bush," and more.
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