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Tea Party Jokes

Jokes, cartoons, and other humor poking fun at the Tea Party.

Tea Party Humor Roundup
The Tea Party movement is on the rise, and so, too is Tea Party mockery. See a roundup of some of the best jokes, cartoons, and other humor poking fun at the Tea Partiers.

The Most Ridiculous Tea Party Protest Signs
View a collection of the most ridiculous Tea Party protest signs of all time, including the best and worst uses of "Teabonics" -- the exciting new dialect of the English language created by spelling-challenged, reality-impaired Teabaggers.

Tea Party Cartoons
View a gallery of political cartoons about the Tea Party movement and Tea Partiers, also known as Teabaggers.

Craziest Tea Party Quotes
A rundown of the most ridiculous quotes by prominent Tea Partiers running for national office.

Tea Party Jokes
Read late-night jokes about the Tea Party and teabaggers.

Craziest Christine O'Donnell Quotes
The most ridiculous things Delaware GOP Senate candidate Christine O'Donnell has ever said.

Funny Christine O'Donnell Pictures
Funny pictures and political cartoons poking fun at Tea Party darling Christine O'Donnell.

Christine O'Donnell Jokes
A roundup of late-night jokes about Delaware GOP Senate candidate and Tea Party darling Christine O'Donnell.

Craziest Sharron Angle Quotes
The most idiotic and outrageous quotes by Nevada GOP Senate Candidate and Tea Party hero Sharron Angle.

More Ridiculous Tea Party Quotes
A complete collection of the dumbest things ever said by Tea Partiers.

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